Adil Baguirov for County Recorder

Growing up in Soviet Union meant experiencing scarcity of everything, and anything being a luxury. I remember it well, which makes me appreciate the United States of America  – and allows me to view my race for Montgomery County Recorder as a great privilege. Entrepreneurship and business activity in the USSR were illegal, carrying a capital punishment – yet, despite such draconian policies, risky trade of “Western” clothes and “Japanese” digital watches still took place. Access to the capitalist West was cut off, yet nearly everyone listened to Beatles, wore (fake) Adidas shoes and knock-off t-shirts of famous brands or American universities (Harvard, Ohio State, Florida State, etc.) True American soft power in action!

In my case, I got lucky as a kid – and I was able to wear an “American” t-shirt.  In an interesting twist of fate, since choices were limited and you basically were thankful for anything with a cool emblem, my parents purchased for me a Ohio State t-shirt, which I proudly wore everywhere (such as in this early 1980’s photo). Many years later, when USSR ceased to exist, The Ohio State University is still going strong, and I’m a candidate for Montgomery County Recorder in Ohio.

Now, I am wondering if I should have bought those t-shirts for my girls with Saturn imprinted on them. Where will their future take them?

Vote #Baguirov4Recorder in the November 2018 election!