Charlotte McGuire State Board of Education Dist 3

Take a step inside Charlotte McGuire’s classroom as she works to retain her seat on the State Board of Education.

Charlotte was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee during the segregation era when racial tensions were extremely high throughout our country. Despite the inequalities within her school system, her parents always told her, “Education is the key to your freedom and independence.”  As the first generation college graduate in her family, Charlotte received her B.S. Degree in Business Administration from Central State University, Wilberforce, Ohio.

Charlotte believes that every child has the innate ability to succeed and that no two children, schools or districts are the same.  In order to represent her districts well she often travels throughout Butler, Darke, Miami, Montgomery, and Preble counties, to meet and hear the concerns of students, parents, teachers, school administrators and community leaders to better understand their unique needs and challenges.

On September 10th, she shared her role as a State Board of Education representative and Ohio’s 5-year Strategic Plan for Education with the Butler County Republican Women’s Club.

Charlotte sharing with the Butler County Republican Women’s Club.
Charlotte getting to know a prospective voter at the Preble County Republican Party’s Candidate Information Session.

In mid-September, Charlotte was back in Montgomery County. She attended a Candidate’s Night at Hunter’s Glen at Northmont and heard the concerns of the residents who want to make sure that we keep children as the primary focus of Ohio’s education system.

L to R: Benette DeCoux, Cheryl Johnson and Anna Marie McGuire






Charlotte will be making several more stops in her re-election quest to continuing being a VOICE for our children’s success!

In other news, Charlotte’s official campaign website is now live. Check out the site for Charlotte’s educational vision, a calendar of upcoming campaign events, ways to donate to the campaign and more. The campaign website is

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